Saturday, October 23, 2021

What if...

What if... I could untat a ring without opening it? It sounds like a "hack" video title on "yee olde tube".

Before I start complaining about the ridiculous use of the word hack nowadays, let me give you some context.

I have been making small fish and sea animals to sew onto a tiny curtain. Working on a small item, I didn't load much thread on my shuttles.

I closed a ring and noticed a mistake right afterwards. Just like looking before crossing a street, we should also look before closing a ring, but I forgot.

So I pondered for a moment. What if? And indeed, I did it. Noticing I had only a little thread left on my shuttle, I unwound it and untatted it from the last stitch up to my mistake. I then wound my shuttle again, ready to get back to work.

Such a simple solution! I of course felt so proud, I stopped to take pictures of it. As if I was supposed to prove to someone that I had done it. Here they are (in case you did not believe me):

A few stitches have already been untatted

All done untatting and ready to retat!

You might recognise Jane Eborall's starfish. She has lots of cute animal patterns.

I was quite beyond myself with joy at discovering this fancy new trick. And you might say "But this is not a new trick. I have been doing it for years." Well, it's new for me, so I was happy for discovering it.

So happy in fact, that after getting photographic evidence and boasting to my husband (who just said "that's nice, dear"), I happily retat the rest of my ring.

... Only to notice after closing it (forgot to look before closing again) that I had made another mistake in the same ring. Good thing I had just discovered that neat trick, huh?

And just to prove to myself that practice makes perfect, I managed to make another mistake on a ring shortly after that!

I guess I learned how to untat a ring without opening it, but what about learning to look before closing a ring?

PS. As a bonus, chains can also benefit from a short thread on the shuttle. I find the spot from where I want to untat, unwind the shuttle, then pick at the core thread and pull it out of the stitches.


  1. :-) I have done that, more often contemplated doing that and decided there was too much thread on the shuttle for it to practical. Useful trick though.

    1. You're right, too much thread would have tangled pretty quickly!

  2. Isn't it The Best feeling of accomplishment to figure out a solution all by oneself?!!! It might not be 'new' but it came out of your own reasoning and logic and hence commendable. 💕
    For me, circumstances (and sometimes mood 😁) dictate which path I take to unravel.

    1. Oh and you Must show us your finished curtain before disappearing again 🤩

    2. Yes, i was so happy about discovering this, that i forgot to pay attention afterwards.
      I will definitely post about the little curtain. Right now i still have some more sea life to tat :)


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