Saturday, November 15, 2014


Hello and welcome!

My name is Lavi and you might know me from my other blogs, Pawprints, ears and a tennis ball and The relativity of a corroded mind. If you fancy doggies or home-made literature, you are always welcome there.

This new blog is meant as a presentation site for my tatting (frivolité) pieces.

What is this tatting thing you ask and what does it have to do with tattoos? It has absolutely nothing to do with tattoos and it is simply put a form of lace making that involves making rings and chains out of knots on a core thread. "It sounds complicated" you might say, but it really isn't and it can be quite pleasant as well.

What I do is needle tatting, which is a relatively recent daughter technique, which involves the aid of a needle to hold the knots and perform the intricate thread dance.

I started several months ago, after watching the show "Heroes of cosplay" and seeing a girl make her own embriodery. I thought that I could probably learn to do that and ambitiously looked up tutorials online. After a while of practise and an upgraded summer dress later, I began thinking about making my own lace. And since my best craft friend is the needle, I looked for such techniques. And this is how I stumbled into tatting.

Video tutorials have helped me immensely in the beginning and the first one that I saw and actually manage to follow to completing a tatted flower is Needle Tatting Flower Pendant by TotusMel. Her steps were very easy to follow and that is how my first tatted piece was born. I can now tat the flower without any pattern beside me.

After a lot of other video tutorials and a couple of written patterns, I managed to make a few nicer pieces. I made a cute heart for our wedding present box (which looks like a house) and a little drawstring bag, also for my wedding.

I have recently completed my first elaborate necklace, which I gave to a friend as a gift and I am working on another one at this time.

There are still a lot of techniques that I would like to learn in time and I hope to become as good at this as the skilled tatters out there that I truly look up to. Keeping my needles crossed!

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