Saturday, April 21, 2018

The wheat bracelet

I haven't blogged so much, but I have been tatting quite a bit. Most of it is still waiting to be blocked though, so pictures will come later.

I have been making a lot (three, so a lot for me!) of "wheat" bracelets. The pattern is pretty simple, all rings with bare thread between them. I just made all rings the same size, so the bracelet would be straight, instead of curving in on itself.

I had long since avoided making anything with bare thread, afraid that it would look strange or uneven. But small seed beads can help with the measurement, so I didn't have to worry about the length of the bare threads, since they weren't exactly bare anymore.

I used yellow glassy seed beads and bright yellow thread (Coats Aida size 15, now rebranded as Anchor Aida), which made me think of wheat in summer. Thus, the name.

I first made a pair of earrings for a friend, with two rings on each side and one on top to hold them together, but I didn't manage to snap a picture of them.

Then came a bracelet, which I gave to my mom.

I did my best to colour balance it. It is a very bright and happy yellow.

I am very happy with the adjustable closure. Until then, I had tried lobster clasps with chain end (too fiddly to put on by yourself) or S closures (could come undone easily and not adjustable). But this works very nicely to put on and adjust to the wrist thickness. I followed a very nice tutorial on square knots on Youtube.

Mom loved it and so far, I have made two more, one in grey silk, the other in yellow again. I still need to block them and add the closures and I'm sure I am keeping one for myself. Maybe make the matching earrings again too.


  1. Beautiful bracelet. That’s a very clever way to make a closure, thanks for sharing the link to the video! I’ve bookmarked it for later.

  2. Very pretty and so beautifully made ! Love your closure - watched the video - it's like pearl tatting ! thanks for the links :-)

  3. Very pretty bracelet. Yes, adding beads is a good way to make sure ‘bare’ thread spaces are even, I like that idea.

  4. I love that wheat pattern it is one that fascinates me 🦋💛🦋

  5. Thank you all for the comments! :) Yes, Muskaan, I also thought it looked like pearl tatting, but I didn't have time to learn and adapt the technique on time (I was in a hurry to finish the bracelet), so I looked for a closure tutorial outright. The one I found is pretty easy to follow and understand.

  6. Frumoasa bratara, model simplu si de efect.
    Inchiderea este foarte potrivita, am sa o incerc si eu.
    Spor in continuare!

    1. Multumesc frumos! Inchizatoarea este buna si din cauza ca ata este rezistenta. Trebuie sa verific daca nu cumva va intinde o bratara facuta din ata mai moale.


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