Monday, March 19, 2018

The tech behind the lace

How do you keep track of patterns and tutorials that you like and find yourself coming back to again and again for reference?

When I started out, I used a notepad file of links. Lots and lots of links and I usually didn't label them properly, so I often forgot what to look for when searching for something in particular. My own notes and patterns were in separate notepad files. Back when I started, I had to rewrite every pattern in my own "style" so I could follow it easily.

Coming back to tatting after a somewhat longer break, I decided it was time to clean and organise my library or it would become unusable.

So, being the semi-nerd that I am, I decided to make myself a database. I have done this several times in the past for school projects or for fun, so I knew quite well how to do it. I installed some servers on my laptop to act as the host and used a web-based GUI to create, edit and view my database.

The concept is quite simple, with a few tables for patterns and techniques, and the GUI really makes it easier. I can insert a link to the site and also upload a small image to let me know what the link leads to.

The tutorials section

I know it is not perfect by far, since I can only view the database from the laptop itself (or another computer in the same network) but I like it, it is my silly little ambition to swim against the stream. Plus, I don't quite like Pinterest and it doesn't do all the gimmicks I want it to.

Now, the only problem remains the access from my phone when I am away tatting. I have thought of an Access file stored in the cloud, but I am too lazy to port all my database there. Maybe later. No time for that now, there is tatting to be done!


  1. Now I want more details girl !!! Till then I have pinned it ;-P

    This looks awesome. Eliz Davis (tatknot) has also done something similar but on an Excel sheet. And there are no pics -- that is brilliant !

    1. I didn't know anyone would be interested in this. I will make a follow-up post explaining how I made this, but it does require a bit of database knowledge...

  2. That’s the problem, organising always uses up tatting time! Good job though.

  3. I am so lacking in this area, love that this can actually be done. Wish you could come over and show me 😄💟😄

    1. It is true that it would be easier to explain in person, but I will try to give a few more details in a future post.

  4. Urmaresc cu interes evolutia acestei idei.
    Pana intr-o vreme am folosit Craftree pentru a salva modelele de lucru, dar mi se pare destul de greu de lucrat cu el si nu permite adnotari externe.
    Multumesc ca ia impartasit cu noi idea!


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