"Snow for Christmas" set - earrings + pendant

"Snow for Christmas" set overview - earrings + pendant
"Snow for Christmas" pendant - overview

"Snow for Christmas" earrings - overview


The set is made up of a pair or earrings and a pendant, each piece in the shape of a snowflake. They are designed with winter in mind, or simply for those who also fancy Christmas in July.

I would like to thank the designer, Jennifer, for her permission to use the pattern. You may visit her site at Cariad Tatting.


The price for the entire set is X lei / $Y / Z euros, however you can purchase the pieces separately as well. In that case, the pendant is X lei / $Y / Z euros and the earrings are X lei / $Y / Z euros.

Please visit the ordering page if you want to place an order.
Also, please see the shipping information page for more information about delivery and prices.


The pieces are made using red cotton thread, with a few transparent sand beads and white metallic connecting elements. The pendant also has a transparent teardrop bead at the bottom.


The pieces can be customized in terms of the color of the thread and the beads and also the color of the connectors used. Please see the materials page for more information on materials and colors in stock and other possibilities. If you opt for silver elements and/or semiprecious stones, the price will increase.
Upon request, some elements can be removed altogether, which will also mean a price reduction, depending on the final design chosen.

Creation process

The initial idea was to create a necklace with three snowflakes connected together by tatted chains, so I looked for a cute snowflake pattern that also had the structural strength to withstand being connected in several places and have other elements hang by it.

The other requirement was that the snowflakes be red, so I bought some red thread especially for that. It actually looks more festive this way, to be honest.

The name of the set is also inspired by Christmas and all the cheer people have and also the fact that many of us, not only children, wish for snow for Christmas.